• Spring/Summer Fruit Season Visit

    You-Pick blackberry and blueberry fields are conveniently located near parking and our Farm Store. We have two strawberry fields. One is "walk to" only (5 minute walk from farm store). The other field is "ride to" only on our farm wagon. Please check facebook to see which days the shuttle is running, as we only use it when the secondary strawberry field needs to be picked.

    Most of our blackberry plants are thornless. We have 2 varieties with thorns. We recommend thornless blackberries for those picking with children.

    We have 2 gallon boxes, or one gallon basket that you may purchase for $2 (cash only) and re-use on future visits. Simply pick as many or little as you want and we will deduct the weight of the box off of the price. You may also bring back the gallon buckets that we used for previous seasons and we will deduct the weight of the bucket as well. Or you may bring your own bucket lined with a bag.

    Our indoor farm store is air conditioned and handicapped accessible.

    Restrooms are air conditioned and a diaper changing table is available.

    A sitting area is available near each U-Pick field for resting, if needed.

    Additional seating is available on our Farm Store porch or indoors.

    Cold drinks and snacks are available to purchase in our Farm Store.

    We have designated picnic areas for enjoying food/drinks purchased or brought from home.

  • Christmas Tree Season Visit

    You may choose your tree (we cut) or get a pre cut tree.

    We sell Christmas tree stands.

    We do not tie down trees on vehicles. Come prepared with the supplies you need to tie your tree down. It is always best to bring a truck, so that we can just load the tree in the bed of the truck. We will assist in carrying trees to vehicles, but you are responsible for tying your tree down.

    We provide a complimentary farm wagon ride to the Christmas tree field.

    No access to Christmas tree field after 5pm. Pre cut sales only from 5pm-6pm. Farm store stays open until 6pm.

    No pets allowed on farm premises.

    Picnic tables are available.

    No professional photography, once open for season. Photographers: Please contact us prior to opening date to schedule mini sessions. No props allowed once we open for the season.

  • What to bring/what to wear

    1. Our blueberry, strawberry and blackberry fields are in full sun, so please dress accordingly. We recommend closed toe shoes, light-colored clothing, hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Please wear old shoes or boots if picking berries because parts of the field are often muddy.

    2. Bring a cooler with ice for transporting berries home. We have ice bags available to purchase if needed.

  • Farm Rules (All Seasons)

    1. Wash hands before picking berries.

    2. No food or drinks allowed in U-Pick fields.(Other than water)

    3. Please supervise your children. We have vehicles coming into and out of our farm throughout the day. We also have tractors and large trucks operating on our farm.

    4. No throwing fruit, sticks, rocks, etc.

    5. No pets allowed on the premises for sanitary and safety reasons.

    6. No littering.  We have large trash bins at each designated picnic area and at the Farm Store, so please dispose of your trash using these bins.

    7. Drive slowly when entering and exiting the farm.

    8. No smoking/vaping/tobacco products on farm premises; no alcoholic beverages on farm premises.

    9. No glass containers on farm premises

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